New record of Termite Hill Gecko, Hemidactylus triedrus (Daudin, 1802) from Tamilnadu, India


  • Selvaraj Selvamurugan Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree breeding, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India- 642 002



Hemidactylus genus, New record, Reptile, Tamilnadu


Hemidactylus is the second most species-rich genus in geckos which are widely spread to the tropical regions of the world. Hemidactylus, a genus of reptiles that includes the house geckos, is a diverse one with about 150 species spread over a wide geographic range. The Hemidactylus triedrus is also known as Termite hill gecko, Dakota’s leaf-toed gecko & blotched house gecko, which belongs to the family Gekkonidae. A new record for Hemidactylus  triedrus (Daudin, 1802), Ariyalur district, Tamilnadu state, India with distribution and their notes. 


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