Aims & Scope

Aims and Scope


Scientific Reports in Life Sciences (SRLS) (ISSN: 2718-1014) is an international, interdisciplinary quarterly journal dedicated to encompassing a diverse array of subjects within the fields of life sciences. Our scope extends across various domains, including Biodiversity, Biology, Evolution and Population Genetics, Genetics, Biological Anthropology, Botany, Medical Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Biometry, Cytogenetics, Genetic Epidemiology, Molecular Ecology, Wildlife Ecology and Biology, and different facets of biodiversity conservation. Established in 2020, SRLS warmly welcomes and encourages the submission of reviews, editorials, original research papers, and short notes in these fields. Submissions are accepted in English without any geographic restrictions. This journal is committed to publishing high-quality papers that explore all aspects of life sciences, encompassing both marine and terrestrial environments.

All manuscripts undergo a meticulous review process, commencing with an initial assessment by the Editor-in-Chief/Editorial Team. Suitable submissions proceed to peer review, involving evaluation by at least two anonymous, independent referees renowned for their expertise in the respective research field. Additionally, a Subject Editor appointed by the Editor-in-Chief contributes to the review process. Our peer review is conducted with a double-blind approach, ensuring impartiality and objectivity. Manuscripts can be submitted online via our online submission system or sent directly to "" All articles feature the dates of receipt and final acceptance, as well as the name of the Subject Editor.


Our journal encompasses a broad range of topics within the life sciences, including but not limited to:

  • Natural Sciences
  • Marine Sciences
  • Genetics and Evolution
  • Plant and Animal Sciences
  • Veterinary Sciences
  • Medical Sciences
  • Exploration of Novel Diseases Common to Humans and Animals
  • Studies on Biological and Ecological Interactions
  • Analyses of Ecosystems and Communities
  • Conservation Biology
  • Investigations into Morphology and Taxonomy
  • Research in Evolutionary Biology, Wildlife Genetics, and Genomics
  • Exploration of Biogeography
  • Delving into Theoretical and Conceptual Aspects of Biodiversity
  • Behavioral Biology

SRLS offers a platform for researchers to explore a wide spectrum of subjects within the life sciences, providing a comprehensive and inclusive outlet for their work.