Spatial evaluation of physicochemical properties of River Benue concerning the habitat requirements of Manatee


  • Michael Iwar Dept. of Wildlife and Range Management, Federal University of Agriculture‎
  • P.O‎ Egwumah‎ Department of Wildlife and Range Management, Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi
  • S.O‎ Olufeagba‎ Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi‎



Manatee, physico-chemical, River Benue, habitat, spatial‎


Spatial evaluation of the physicochemical parameters of River Benue in relation to the habitat requirements of west African Manatee was conducted. The River was divided into four segments; Makurdi, Abinsi, Gbajimba, and Gbaji. In each segment, ten (10) sample points were randomly selected and the following parameters; Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), pH, Total dissolved solids, (TDS), Electrical conductivity (EC), and Biological oxygen demand (BOD) were measured. Data collected were subjected to statistical analysis.  The result indicated that there were significant differences in the pH, Electrical conductivity, and Biological oxygen demand (BOD) among the four study areas. The result also indicated significant differences between the rainy season and dry season conditions of the water body. The result indicated that Manatees were highly adaptable to the physicochemical differences between the rainy season and the dry season.


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Iwar , M., Egwumah‎, P. ., & Olufeagba‎, . S. . (2021). Spatial evaluation of physicochemical properties of River Benue concerning the habitat requirements of Manatee. Scientific Reports in Life Sciences, 2(1), 29–39.