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Scientific Reports in Life Sciences (SRLS), (ISSN: 2718-1014), is a globally recognized, double-blind review, multidisciplinary, quarterly periodical. It encompasses a wide spectrum of subjects spanning Biology (all organisms), Biodiversity, Evolution and Population Genetics, Genetics, Biological Anthropology, Botany, Medical Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Biometry, Cytogenetics, Genetic Epidemiology, Molecular ecology, Wildlife ecology, and diverse aspects of Biodiversity conservation. Established in 2020 by the Biodiversity Conservation Society, SRLS actively encourages and invites contributions in the form of reviews, editorials, original research papers, and brief notes across these mentioned fields. All submissions should be in English and are welcomed from any geographical location. The journal is committed to upholding high standards of excellence in publishing research related to both marine and terrestrial life sciences.

Since September 2022, SRLS has followed the APA 7th edition for citations and references. It's worth noting that the Conclusion section has been excluded from the manuscript structure.

Furthermore, it's important to emphasize that SRLS is a fully open-access journal, and it does not impose any charges, from the initial submission process to the ultimate publication of research work.


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Vol. 5 No. 2 (2024): Scientific Reports in Life Sciences
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